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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the product accessories are covered by the product warranty?

The product warranty does not cover the product accessories.

Where should I request technical support in case of extended warranty?

This must be requested directly in the retail store where the product was bought.

What would happen with the warranty if my product was repaired by a non-authorized technical service?

In this case, the warranty is not applicable to the product because of third-party intervention.

How a defect, misuse, or improper maintenance is determined on products?

This is determined by a technical inspection of an authorized service center.

What information do I need to provide to request customer support?

You have to send a copy of the invoice or receipt of the retail store where the product was bought.

Does the technical inspection under warranty is made at home?

The technical inspection at home only applies for refrigerators (Except mini fridges), washing machines, and air conditioners.

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