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FAQ Microwaves

What is a Grill Microwave?

A Grill Microwave is a solo microwave equipped with heating coils and can be used to grill, toast or roast food.

What are the best-suited materials to put in a microwave?

Use glass containers, porcelain, tableware, or microwave safe plastics. These materials are suitable for microwaves while inserting metals can be dangerous.

If the tableware has golden or silver decorations, verify with the manufacturer if they are suitable for microwaves. Always put them on top of the microwave turntable plate.

Why steam accumulates in the microwave door? Is it normal?

Steam is produced when the food is heated by the microwave. Most of the time the steam is removed by the flow of air in the interior. However, a small amount of steam is condensed on colder surfaces, like the microwave door. This phenomenon is normal.

Sometimes, hot air flows out from the air vents. Is that normal?

During the heating process, the food produces steam in the microwave interior. This hot air flows outside through the air vents, these must not be blocked.

Is it advisable to use closed glass or plastic containers?

Yes, because it prevents the excess of steam, increases the heat process speed, and prevents dehydration of the food. Be sure to not totally close the container to avoid the pressure accumulation.

How to properly clean a microwave?

  • It is often needed to remove the turntable plate to clean it. Wash it with warm water and soap, or use a dishwasher.
  • If steam is accumulating in the interior walls or the door, clean it with a cleaning cloth.
  • The exterior should be clean using a damp cleaning cloth to prevent damages in the microwave control panel.
  • Clean the microwave door using a damp cleaning cloth to remove dirt and splatters.
  • Do not wet the control panel, use a damp cleaning cloth, and leave the microwave door open to avoid turning it on accidentally.
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