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FAQ Washing Machines

How much bed sheets are 5 pounds of clothes?

1-bed sheet set of 2 pieces, plus 1-bed sheet set of  1 ½ piece.

Can I wash blankets?

Yes, a full water load, one by one.

Why the washing machine shakes and moves violently during the spinning cycle?

The washing machine can shake violently when:

  1. The washing machine is not correctly balanced.
  2. The shipping bolts may have not been removed.

What are the steps to follow when the washing machine does not work correctly?


  • The plugin connection.
  • The door is correctly closed.

If the washing machine is not filling with water:


  • The water valve is opened and correctly attached to the inlet hose.
  • The inlet hose is not broken or twisted.

If the washing machine leaks water during the cycle:

  • Check the drain hose is at least 80 cm above the floor.

If the washing machine does not drain the water:


  • The drain hose is not twisted.
  • The drain hose is not more than 1 meter above the floor.

If the washing machine makes too much bubbles:


  • The detergent is right to be used on automatic washing machines.
  • The amount of detergent used is right (See detergent instructions).

Clothes are not totally clean after the washing cycle. Why?

To get a right washing cycle, please check you are using:

  • The right washing setting.
  • The correct detergent dosage.
  • The right water temperature.

What should I do if the drying process produces cold air?

You must press the button on the back of the washing machine.

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